This may not be the answer, for another girl like me. But I'm not on a soapbox, Saying how we all should be. I'm trusting in my feelings, and I'm trusting, GOD above, And I'm trusting you can give this baby BOTH hes mothers' Love.- Michael MaClean

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

After Math.....

Adoption is painful..... it's a pain that reaches every single part of a birth mom, there is hole that it creates in her heart, that will NEVER be filled, no matter how long she lives, how hard she tries, and no matter how happy is becomes. This hole belongs to her baby, it shrinks over time but it never closes.

I wish I could sugar coat it but its the truth, giving up a child for adoption, no matter how sure you are still hurts, but it get better,  I was 16 when Josh was born and I was 16 when I had to make the hardest choice I hope to ever have to make. To give MY baby boy to another mother, to knowingly walk away and let her raise him. To know I would not be the one to hold him when he crys or to be a proud soccer mom cheering on her little boy. I think it was 3 years later when I was welcoming my third child and my second baby boy into this world that I realized that the pain of not being Josh's mom was an ake vs a hurt.
He is 8 now and it still acks and I think it always will but I have grown to LOVE the ack. Because it means he still has a very HUGE part of my heart, and I wouldn't change that for any thing.

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